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Solar Array Farm

The solar array project came to fruition due to the Trust having a south facing bank that is at an incline of 10% that lends itself to the creation of a solar farm. The Trust has always been in favour of renewable projects and indeed we have also looked into heating the centre by using the mine water located beneath the centre that is at a constant 16 degrees centigrade that may become a reality in time.

Over the past two years the Taff Bargoed Development Trust has sponsored up to six local sports clubs to ensure they can survive, grow and prosper in order to continue benefitting the community the Trust serves. The Solar array will help continue this support due to the monies being generated solely used in setting up a grant scheme that local groups can apply. Why not use such an available resource to create such good and for a period of up to 25 years or more?

The grants may be based on a certain theme each year such as sport, culture, community, etc. or we may simply grant monies to those groups that are in most need to ensure they can continue their respectable work. The Taff Bargoed Valley contains communities with very poor deprivation figures as demonstrated by the Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation and the array can help to address such issues.

The array is connected to the centres electricity supply and this will benefit Rock UK that are a charity themselves, by them saving on their electrical costs. It will also help to reduce the centres carbon footprint and emissions that are damaging the environment which is now such a topical matter.

Surplus electricity can also be used to energise domestic households that find it difficult to afford utility costs (The Local Scheme) who will pay a reduced tariff and this will be undertaken if the system allows.

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